Syllabus Planning

Syllabus Planning

Here is the list of topics we are planning to go over in CEHS Coding Club.


  • Uses of programming and practical applications
  • Setting up computer for coding, installing tools, Atom, etc.
  • Outline of syllabus
  • Discuss goals members want to achieve in Coding Club and evaluate feasibility

Web Development

  • Designing Websites with HTML / CSS
  • Adding interactivity with JavaScript
  • Creating web applications that use API’s to make POST and GET requests to various resources
  • Publishing a webpage to GitHub

Git & GitHub

  • Becoming familiar with using repositories
  • Using GitHub’s online interface
  • Forking and pull requests
  • Markdown fluency
  • Using repositories locally
  • Using git commands in terminal

Terminal / Shell Scripting

  • Using terminal to complete tasks that could have been achieved graphically
  • Bash fluency / general use
  • File manipulation
  • Process Automation
  • Create a script that fills a need

Embedded Firmware Development

  • C++
  • Introduction to micro-controllers
  • Using Photons to create programmable circuits and devices

Internet of Things

  • Using Photons to create cloud connected circuits and devices
  • Pulling and pushing data from and to Photons using a webpage
  • Make home automation projects: sensors, lights

Product Creation

  • All members will have a final project they can develop in pairs or individually
  • Members will use the skills they learned from previous modules to create a product with multiple parts
  • For example, members could create a cloud connected device using a photon and create web app or native tool to interface with it in an effective method