How to make a Blog Post

How to make a Blog Post

  1. Navigate to the cehscoding _posts folder on GitHub

  2. Click the Create new File button. (You will have to log into GitHub if you have not done so already.)

  3. Name the file in the following format:
  4. Place the following in the top of the file:

     layout: post
     title: "FirstName Update dd-mm-yy"
     date: "yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS -0500"

    Substitute in the title, dates, and time in the formats above.

  5. Enter the content for your post below the ---. You must write your post using Markdown formatting. I recommend using Dillinger to draft your post.

  6. Once you have finished your post, click the green Propose new File button at the bottom. On the next page, click the green Create pull request button.

  7. Change the title of your pull request and add a comment if you wish. Click the green Create pull request button when you are ready.

  8. Wait for me to merge your pull request. A preview of the blog with your added post will automatically be generated and you can view it by clicking the Show all checks link and clicking Details on deploy/netlify.