CEHS Coding is a student-led club hosted on Monday afternoons in the Achievement Center.

Club meetings are held from 2:30 to 4:00. The ending time may vary depending on sports or other commitments.

CEHS Coding aims to provide students with real programming skills and valuable knowledge through practical, hands-on activities and projects.

We cover many topics in the club, ranging from Web Development to Embedded Firmware Engineering. Our club is student-led and the majority of topics are taught by fellow students. We hope to have guest speakers as well if possible.

CEHS Coding is for anyone who is interested in technology, computers, or electronics.

Everyone is welcome in CEHS Coding. We do not discriminate people by their interests, experience, gender, or race. We want you to get the best experience out of our club.

CEHS Coding is a free club.

We do not charge for sharing our knowledge and time. Thanks to the Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation we have hardware kits to use in our club that can be checked out from the CEHS Library.

CEHS Coding aims to make productive use of club time.

The time we have in the Achievement Center is valuable, and we use it for our practical activities and hands-on learning. We use Slack to communicate outside of club time. Slack allows club members to message each other and share files without using E-Mail.