Here are the members of CEHS Coding. Members can edit this page on GitHub.

Nathan Robinson

Nathan loves to develop tools and make embedded projects. His favorite device is the Particle Photon, a Wi-Fi development board for easily building cloud connected products.

Nathan uses C++ when creating projects with Photons, Bash when creating tools, and JavaScript when creating responsive websites.

Nathan’s full portfolio of projects and achievements can be found at

Nathan is the manager of the CEHS Coding website, Twitter and Slack. He also leads the club meetings.

Benjamin Keller

Benjamin Keller if a relatively new to programming, and has been working to improve his skills over the past two years. He has been working in JavaScript, Python, and Java. He is also one of the original founders of the club and has the desire to work with others in order to create something interesting. With the help of Mrs. Raspiller, he was able to bring back AP Computer Science to Cape Elizabeth Schools and hopes that it keeps it steam even after he graduates.

Caleb Weinstein-Zenner

Lauren Abrahamsen

William Jordan

William is a freshman who’s only been coding for a couple of months. His favorite place to code is JSFiddle.

William uses Javascript and HTML5 for most of his projects (so far only games).

He really wants to learn more about HTML5 through this club.

“I am a scrublord”

William Jordan September 5, 2016.

Connor LaBonty

Máximo Kesselhaut

Maximo is a sophomore in the CEHS Coding Club.

Zach Merrill

Hunter Grimes

Jinya Fisher-LaPlante

Ms. Raspiller

Ms. Raspiller is the advisor for the CEHS Coding Club.